TSP returns drop across the board in July

After a welcome rebound in June, all Thrift Savings Plan funds took a downward turn in July, according to returns released Thursday. Even the normally steady government securities investment G fund dropped month over month, although not as dramatically as others.

It’s a flip from a year ago, when every fund experienced positive performances between June and July.

The G fund finished July at 0.18%, compared to 0.19% the month before. Likewise the fixed income investment F fund fell by 5.30% to finish July at 0.22%, while the common stock index investment C fund dropped by 5.60% to end last month at 1.44%.

The small capitalization stock index S fund decreased from 6.80% in June to 1.64% in July. But the largest drop among all funds was in the international stock index I fund, which went from 5.94% in June to -2.09% in July, according to Thursday’s returns. The I fund was also the only one to finish July in the red.

Among Lifecycle funds, all five managed to finish July in the black, but not without a cost. The L income fund returns fell by 1.38 to 0.19%, and the L 2020 fund dropped by 1.83% to end the month at 0.21%.

The L 2030 fund decreased from 4.11% in June to 0.21% in July, and the L 2040 fund went from 4.87% to 0.22% month over month. Finally, the L 2050 fund fell from 5.52% in June to 0.22% in July —the largest month-over-month drop among Lifecycle funds, according to Thursday’s numbers.

It’s a reversal from the funds’ performance in July 2018, when every one except the G fund had positive returns from June 2018; the G fund stayed flat that month.

Thrift Savings Plan — July 2019 Returns
Fund July Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.18% 1.46% 2.75%
F fund 0.21% 6.34% 8.14%
C fund 1.44% 20.23% 7.97%
S fund 1.64% 21.43% 2.11%
I fund -2.09% 12.03% -2.97%
L Income 0.19% 4.91% 3.46%
L 2020 0.21% 6.30% 3.36%
L 2030 0.21% 11.27% 3.77%
L 2040 0.22% 13.20% 3.79%
L 2050 0.22% 14.86% 3.74%

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