F fund stumbles in September while rest of TSP shows minor gains

Most of the Thrift Savings Plan funds showed some small gains in September. The fixed income investment F fund was the only loser, falling to -0.54%, reversing August’s performance where F and the stable government securities investment G fund posted the only positive returns.

But one small stumble didn’t halt the F fund’s momentum: Its year-to-date returns currently total 8.51%, not far behind its 12-month performance of 10.32%.

Meanwhile, the G fund lost a few percentage points, though it managed to stay in the black at 0.14%. That’s the lowest return it’s posted all year. That said, it’s year-to-date returns have totaled 1.79%, and its performance over the last 12 months comes in at 2.57%.

The common stock index investment C fund came in at 1.87%, but it’s the biggest winner so far this year, with year-to-date returns of 20.54%. That’s particularly impressive considering some big losses in late 2018 hold it’s 12-month performance down to 4.24%.

The small capitalization stock index S fund isn’t far behind the C fund — it came in at 1.06% in September, with a 17.57% year-to-date performance. Also mirroring the S fund, some poor performances in late 2018 are hindering the 12-month performance from rising out of the red, coming in at -3.77%.

The international stock index I fund was the big winner last month; it posted a performance of 2.87%. That brings its year-to-date up to 13.21%, though it’s 12-month remains in the negative at -0.94%.

The lifecycle funds managed to turn around two months of negative returns, coming in at 0.51% for the L Income fund on the low end, and 1.69% for the L 2050 on the high end. The year-to-date and 12-month performances all stayed in the black as well.

Thrift Savings Plan — Sept. 2019 Returns
Fund July Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.14% 1.79% 2.57%
F fund -0.54% 8.51% 10.32%
C fund 1.87% 20.54% 4.24%
S fund 1.06% 17.57% -3.77%
I fund 2.87% 13.21% -0.94%
L Income 0.51% 5.32% 3.02%
L 2020 0.63% 6.71% 2.71%
L 2030 1.28% 11.62% 2.54%
L 2040 1.50% 13.50% 2.33%
L 2050 1.69% 15.08% 2.04%

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