TSP funds drop after April surge

All Thrift Savings Plan funds showed monthly declines in performance for May, after a noticeable spike in April, according to numbers released Monday.

The last few months of volatile activity resulted in huge numbers of withdrawals and inter-fund transfers, Federal News Network reported, and so May appeared to reflect a calming among investors.

Nevertheless, all funds remained in the black for the second consecutive month and most funds showed growth over where they were a year ago. Once again, the small capitalization stock index S fund had the highest performance at 8.79% versus 15.81% in April.

The second-highest return was for the common stock index investment C fund: 4.76% in May compared to 12.81% in April. The international stock index I fund had a return of 4.50% last month, down from 6.42% the month prior.

The I fund is under increased scrutiny after the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board deferred plans to move the fund to a new, China-inclusive emerging market benchmark, due to objections from a bipartisan group of lawmakers and the White House, Federal News Network previously reported.

The fixed income investment F fund was down to 0.46% in May versus 1.78% in April. And the lowest performing fund last month was the government securities investment G fund, which had a 0.01% decline from April, according to Monday’s numbers.

As for Lifecycle funds, performance was also negative but returns remained in the black. The L 2050 fund was the highest-performing for May at 4.43% compared to 9.16% in April.

Following behind was the L 2040 fund, which finished May at 3.88% compared to 8.02% in April; and the L 2030 fund, which ended May at 3.25% versus 6.71% in April.

The L 2020 fund showed a monthly return of 1.31% versus 2.61% a month prior, and finally the L Income fund had a monthly return of 1.23% compared to a 2.52% return in April, according to Monday’s numbers.

Year-to-date, the F fund has had the highest returns — 5.42% — while the I fund has had the lowest.

Thrift Savings Plan — May 2020 Returns
Fund May Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.06% 0.53% 1.67%
F fund 0.46% 5.42% 9.33%
C fund 4.76% -5.03% 12.74%
S fund 8.79% -9.47% 3.56%
I fund 4.50% -14.04% -2.52%
L Income 1.23% -0.95% 3.38%
L 2020 1.31% -1.49% 3.65%
L 2030 3.25% -4.53% 5.27%
L 2040 3.88% -5.65% 5.71%
L 2050 4.43% -6.67% 5.98%