Using tech to ensure a politician’s consistency

FactSquared founder Bill Frischling works in the center of the interface between technology and politics, and says the former’s use in the field has become an “arms race.”

“Everything is moving at such a rapid clip that what was current last week is no longer current,” said Frischling.

“If you’re not keeping up on what the latest tools can do to figure out what somebody’s thinking, what somebody’s saying, what the populace is thinking, you’re already behind.”


Frischling’s FactSquared provides services to “search and analyze anything a person has ever said.” According to Frischling, the company has been doing so with President Donald Trump.

“We have about 37 years of everything he’s ever said publicly, and what that lets you do is look at not only what he’s saying currently about an issue, it lets you look at what he’s said previously,” as well as his emotional state and other factors, Frischling told What’s Working in Washington.

Frischling said he prefers his system to human analysis because it’s more objective.

“This is math. This is going in and analyzing microtremors in voices, it’s analyzing waveforms, it’s looking at it, comparing it against how different voices respond… these are things you really can’t fake.”

Though this system works quite well on politicians, it can be applied to anyone who uses social media. “What our platform basically does, is it pulls this information out. Everything you say publicly about yourself, the better the platform knows you,” Frischling said.

“What this is doing, basically, it becomes very difficult to hide what you mean, versus what you say… we’re not just going off the words, [but] how you use the words… all of this is revealing, in a sense, whether or not you believe what you say,” said Frischling.

Frischling hopes the technology will be used to create reports that are “unassailable, that you can’t argue with… you can’t argue with a person’s words, and you can’t argue if it’s in context.”

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