One click away from communicating with lawmakers

New startup Phone2Action focuses on advocacy and the importance of amplifying individual voices.

“Today, what we see is the creation of a political climate that is very, very active,” said Phone2Action co-founder Ximena Hartsock.

Combine that with a huge growth in the adoption of new technologies, and we can see “the huge amplification of voices we’ve never seen before,” she said.

“Our company is an example of how you marry two worlds: the worlds of technology and innovation – to put it to use to amplify people’s voices, to affect change.”

The technology matches people with their elected officials “at every level,” said Hartsock.

For American voters, “we have a very complicated decision-making process, in terms of policy. Every single one of us is represented by many officials… who make decisions about our everyday lives, constantly. So, because of that complexity, it’s very difficult for a person to connect with a lawmaker,” she said.

To fix that, Phone2Action uses address information to help users contact their legislative officials at every level, from city council members and school boards to governors and congresspeople.

“When someone wants to take action on schools, on education, in general, or on transportation, anything, they use Phone2Action to share that message with that legislator,” said Hartsock.

Hartsock hopes that this method works to amplify the power of single voices, and encourage communication, rather than floods of mail that could all blur together.


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