How to bring fresh ideas into your organization

Former Google Executive Megan Smith was recently tapped as the next chief technology officer of the United States.

“I think for Megan the question will be, how can I bring my expertise and capability to serve the federal government, serve the agencies, and engage in initiatives that really make a difference,” said Anne Altman, IBM’s General Manager of Federal. “Regardless of how powerful you are or how much you want to make things happen, you have to change the system to support you.”

(Courtesy of IBM)

Altman sat down with Women of Washington radio show hosts Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm to discuss her history working for IBM and supporting the federal government, and the importance of getting new employees and fresh ideas into large organizations like the government.

“This industry and our country really has a deficit of people with the skills in engineering, math, science, and technology. Those skills are so crucially important and it’s difficult to create a pipeline of future workers with those types of skills,” Altman said. “We’re reaching into areas where there are brilliant minds, but not the skills or the capacity of resources.”


When asked what drives the millennial generation’s career search, Altman said, “I think for young people today, it’s about impact. It’s their passion and their ability to have impact, and to be socially responsible that’s driving their decisions on where to work and who to work for.”

During the show, Altman also discusses her first internship with IBM, her personal mentors and her path to being general manager.

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