Boosting Productivity, Boosting Morale

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

How engaged are the employees at your agency and how is this affecting your department’s productivity?

The Merit Systems Protection Board surveyed 35,000 federal employees to find the answers to these questions.

Doug Nierle, project manager for the Power of Federal Employee Engagement Report, tells FederalNewsRadio, they found six dimensions that are important to engaging federal employees:

  1. Pride in their work or workplace,
  2. Satisfaction with leadership,
  3. Opportunity to perform well at work,
  4. Satisfied with the recognition received,
  5. Prospect for future personal and professional growth, and
  6. A positive work environment with some focus on teamwork.

While Nierle notes that while not everyone can be promoted to the top of the pay scale, getting to know the employee, what their career goals are, and how to improve their competencies can make all the difference, even in the middle of a transition.

“Try to keep the focus on the work and on those drivers,” says Nierle. “With more pressure on results, and lesser budgets, lesser staffs, these things can be forgotten.”

If for no other reason, the report finds that engaged employees have a much more positive view of their supervisors’ management skills than do employees who are not engaged. So engaging your employees may have a direct effect on your paycheck as well.

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