Retaliation, reprisal top EEOC complaints from feds

Retaliation and reprisal remain the number one complaint among federal employees, according to a new report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

Feds filed 7,553 retaliation/reprisal complaints in fiscal 2011, followed by 5,105 complaints of age-related discrimination and 4,389 of race-related discrimination (black or African American), according to the report.

Last year continued a five-year upward trend in both reprisal and age discrimination claims, the report said.

“Also in FY 2011, the number of complaints filed with allegations of race (Black/African American) once again exceeded those complaints filed with allegations of disability (physical),” the report said.


Complaints on the whole were down, from 17,583 complaints in fiscal 2010 to 16,974 complaints in fiscal 2011.

The report also stated processing times for federal employees’ discrimination claims are down slightly, with the average time dropping from 360.28 days in fiscal 2010 to 346.38 in fiscal 2011.

“This report has some encouraging news, particularly looking at how federal agencies have reduced the time for processing EEO complaints,” said Carlton M. Hadden, the director of EEO’s Office of Federal Operations, in a statement. “While federal agencies must remain focused on ensuring timely processing of EEO complaints, they also must make real their obligation to make their workplaces genuine models of EEO employment.”


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