Train slams into bus in Serbia; 5 killed, 30 injured

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — A train slammed into a bus carrying mostly high school students in southern Serbia Friday, killing five people and injuring 30, authorities said.

The collision took place around 7:30 a.m. in foggy weather on a railway crossing near the city of Nis, police said.

They said that it appears the bus driver’s “oversight” most likely caused the crash.

Initially, police said that three people were killed and 22 injured. But authorities later confirmed that two more people died in a hospital and raised the number injured.


Doctors in Nis said two 16-year-olds have life-threatening injuries. Relatives have gathered at the hospital awaiting information.

Serbian state TV says that the bus was carrying local children to school. A video from the scene shows that the bus was practically cut in half by the impact, while the train partly slid off the tracks.

“When I heard a big bang I knew it was bad,” said a witness, Stevan Jocic. “The bus was cut down the middle, passengers inside, all high school kids. It was horrific.”

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