Spanish minister defends bold slogan for bill on sex crimes

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s minister of equality defended herself Wednesday from attacks by right-wing opposition parties who have criticized her use of a bold slogan to support the government’s draft bill on sex crimes.

The ministry included the slogan “Drunk and alone, I want to make it home” on a message it posted Tuesday to promote the new proposed law.

The slogan is used at protests for gender equality in Spain, which has been rocked by cases of gang rape recently.

Equality Minister Irene Montero said Wednesday that the rhyme “focuses the debate on what is essential, which is that nothing, not how a woman dresses or how late she arrives home, justifies a sexual aggression.”

The tweet including the slogan has been criticized by Spain’s three right-wing parties.

The conservative Popular Party said the slogan encourages an over-consumption of alcohol.

“Drink with moderation. We don’t say so, the WHO and all our (health) authorities do. Everyone except the ministry run by Irene Montero, who prefers to encourage alcohol abuse,” the party said in a tweet.

The Spanish government on Tuesday approved a new draft bill on sex crimes that makes consent a key determinant in cases, freeing victims from having to prove that violence or intimidation was used against them.

Montero belongs to Spain’s progressive coalition government, made up of her upstart United We Can party and Spain’s traditional Socialist Party, which took power in January. The new bill comes as women’s groups are planning to take to the streets on Sunday as part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

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