Are you saving enough for retirement?

Do you have nightmares about not having enough money in retirement?  Are you starting to think you may have to work until you drop?

Bethesda, Maryland-based financial planner Arthur Stein says your age, timeline, goals, risk tolerance and other factors all play a part in your investment profile.

For many investors, he says the best thing to do when the market is declining/correcting is nothing.

Stein will join host Mike Causey on today’s Your Turn   show  to talk about what to do and not do with your TSP account.

If you got out of the market during the recession, should you go back? If you think the buy-and-hold strategy is best, how to you discipline yourself to do it when times get tough?  Should you be investing in the self-adjusting LifeCycle funds?


Your Turn with Mike Causey


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