Answers to your questions about FEHBP open season

The federal health insurance and benefits open season started Monday.

What do you know about your plan’s drug coverage? Is your doctor in the network? Can you and your spouse save money by opting into one of the new Self-Plus-One (S+P1) plans, rather than a traditional family plan?

So how do you pick the best plan (or plans)?  Ask the guy who wrote the federal health insurance book. Literally wrote it. That man is Walton Francis. He’s the author of Checkbook Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees, and is Mike Causey’s guest on today’s “Your Turn radio show.

Francis has made a study of benefits, premiums, deductibles, networks and HMOs vs. fee-for-service plan. Chances are your agency has signed up for the computer version of Checkbooks Guide to Federal Health Plans. You can use it, at home or work, to shop around and find the best options for you and yours.

The show is streaming at 10 a.m. on Federal News Radio and also available in the D.C. area at 1500 AM.  To listen live from any phone dial  712-432-5393. If you have a question for Walton Francis, you can call in during the show to (202) 465-3080 or better yet, email  your questions to Mike before show time.

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