Are you in the wrong health plan?

If you are a retired federal worker, or the survivor of a retiree there is a very good chance you are in the wrong (as in not the best deal for you) health plan. And if you are in the “wrong” plan, the person to blame is the man or woman you have slept everyday of your life with. That would be: You!

For lots of retired feds, there is just one plan. Blue Cross-Blue Shield. And it’s great. One of the best. But ask the retiree what option they are in (standard or basic) and some go blank. Or don’t know the difference. But there is a big difference starting with premiums.

Is the more expensive plan better for retirees? And are there others that are equally good, but have lower premiums? That’s one of the issues we’ll deal with today on our Your Turn” radio show. David Snell, director of Retirement Benefits at NARFE, is the guest. He’ll go through the pros and cons of different health plans, the question of Medicare Part B and other items of interest to both retirees and working feds.

Lots of people could save lots of money (without sacrificing quality or coverage) if they pick a better-fit health plan for themselves for next year. Remember the open season ends Dec. 14.


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