The bear market & your TSP account

So what, if anything, should you be doing with your TSP account? Get out of the market? Switch to the bond fund? Run for the safety of the treasury securities fund?

Today at 10 a.m. on our Your Turn radio show, financial planner Arthur Stein will talk about the options feds and retirees have. With maybe some tips on what to do, both generally and to answer individual questions of investors.

You can listen to the show at or in the D.C. area on 1500 AM. You can also dial 712-432-5393 to listen live from any phone.  If you have questions you can call 202-465-3080 during the show or, better yet, email them to Mike before showtime  at:

Some of the points Stein will cover include:

  • Does the poor performance of the stock funds last year mean all your investments should be in G Fund or that long-term G Fund investors are better off?
  • How good are stock market forecasts? Something you can rely on? Mike’s blogs here and here.
  • I (international stock) Fund has been the worst performer of the three stock funds (C, S and I). Should investors ignore I or embrace it?

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