Self-plus-one: Should you try it?

If your family totals two people, should you consider the new self-plus-one health plan option?

Short answer: Yes!

For the rest of this month the government is offering federal workers the option to switch from family coverage (self-plus-family) to the new self-plus-one (S+1) option. With some plans there is little or no difference in the premiums. In at least one FEHBP plan (the NALC Value Option) the S+1 plan costs about a quarter more (like 2 cents per month more) than the S+1 option. The family premium is lower than the S+1 premium in the MailHandlers standard plan too.

So how, and where, do you shop? What do you look for? When is it NOT worth bothering?

Walton Francis, editor of  Consumers’ Checkbook Guide to Federal Health Plans will answer those questions when he joins host Mike Causey Wednesday at 10 a.m. on  Your Turn. Francis has been picking best-buys for years for federal and postal workers, retirees, people with and without Medicare and those with special medical or drug needs.

Checkbook has a very popular on-line guidebook that will custom tailor your hunting trip based in information you supply. Many federal agencies subscribed to the service during the November-December open season last year.  You can talk to Francis or email questions (before showtime) to Mike at  You can also dial 712-432-5393 to listen live from any phone. Be sure to tell friends and coworkers about the show. If they (or you) can’t listen live, the show will be archived  so anyone can listen anytime.

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