Pros and cons of the TSP lifecycle funds

Some experts are predicting a big-time correction, maybe even another great recession, this year.  Should people play it safe and stay in the G-fund? Or move into the super-safe (but low yield) Treasury securities fund until the recession — when it hits — is over?

Financial planner Arthur Stein describes the long-term stock market like this: Picture someone walking up a slight incline, yo-yo in hand. The yo-yo (stock market) goes up and down but (based on past performance) the trajectory is gradually upward. That’s a good argument for buying and holding.

Stein will be our guest today on the Your Turn radio show here on Federal News Radio. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of the TSP lifecycle funds that invest in the stock (C, S and I) market vs. the F-fund (bonds) and the G-fund (special Treasury securities).

Check out the show at 10 a.m. EDT here on or, in the D.C. area, on 1500 AM. You can also dial 712-432-5393 during the show to listen live from any phone.


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