Are changes coming to your retirement plan?

Are there people in your office who love their jobs and dread retirement but who are putting in their papers effective at the end of this month?  Why are so many federal workers suddenly very nervous in the civil service?

Some, maybe many, feds are convinced that Congress is going to make big-time, devastating-to-feds, changes in the retirement plan.  There are a half dozen plans that—if approved by the House and Senate—would deal a major body blow to some or all of the retirement program.

To learn more about what’s out there for feds, listen to today’s Your Turn radio show. My guest is Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko who has been following the budget proposals, talking with legislators and lobbyists too. She knows as much as anyone about what is happening. And not happening. And although she’s an expert on the subject(s) she says she is still confused. So welcome to the club. For her road map through the legislative mine field, click here.

She warns feds not to make a retirement decision solely on what Congress MIGHT do. Because it also might not do it. Listen today at 10 a.m. EDT  on or at 1500 AM in the D.C. area. The show will also be archived on our home page so you can listen later.