Teleworking: Is it on the way out?

Does teleworking increase productivity at your office? Does it  cut down on pollution and traffic jams?

Is there a downside? Does it hurt communication and collaboration? And what about the bottom line: What impact does teleworking have on the customers?

Teleworking will be the subject of our Your Turn radio show, featuring Federal News Radio digital editors and writers David Thornton and Terry Wing.

Also on today’s show, new Thrift Savings Plan investors are missing out as about 20,000 military personnel have opted in to TSP’s blended retirement plan. They get an automatic 1 percent government contribution but, because they are not contributing any money of their own, they are missing out on getting an additional government match of up to 4 percent. Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko joins host Mike Causey to talk about it.

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