TSP: Can you afford to “play it safe?”

When financial times get tough and a bull market rears its ugly head, many Thrift Savings Plan investors head for the safety of the bond index F Fund or, more likely, the super-safe never has a bad day G Fund. To many people, the U.S. Treasury-backed securities are the safest haven in an uncertain market.

During the Great Recession many TSP investors pulled out of the stock market (C, S and I funds) into the G Fund.  Although the market bottomed out March 9, 2009, and rebounded with a vengeance, many investors never returned.

Certified financial planner Art Stein  said there is safety and then there is “safety,” the latter actually used by people to mean a lack of volatility. Stein was the guest on this week’s episode of the Your Turn radio show and he discussed the price that investors pay for safety.

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