A look at agency-by-agency appropriations for 2016

With Congress poised to finally pass a funding bill for fiscal 2016, here's an easy reference guide for some major agency appropriations.

Nearly three months into fiscal 2016, after two threats of a government shutdown and with one working day left for lawmakers, Congress approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government next year.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said it “provides substantial funding for both our economic and national security priorities over and above the sequester.”

“So we feel good about the outcome primarily because we got a compromise budget agreement that fought off a wide variety of ideological riders, but yet ensures the priorities that this administration has identified when it comes to investing in middle-class families and protecting the country,” he said. “And we succeeded.”

Among the major government agencies, many saw a bump in funding from fiscal 2015, though few received funding at the level they had requested at the beginning of the calendar year.

Those lucky enough to find a little extra in their coffers include: Energy, Veterans Affairs and NASA, while the Office of Personnel Management got the $272 million it had requested.

Other departments like Transportation, Treasury and Health and Human Services saw bigger gaps in their requested and enacted funding.

The Environmental Protection Agency ended up receiving $8.139 billion, the same funding level as FY15, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission received $30 million less than last fiscal year and Interior received about $241 million less than last year.


FY 2016 Discretionary Spending
Agency Enacted Requested Change from FY ’15
Agriculture $21.75B $22.09B $925M
Architect of the Capitol $612.9M $624.5M $9M
Census Bureau $1.4B $1.498B $282M
Commerce $9.2B $9.8B $779M
Defense $514.1B $585.2B $23.9B
Education $68B $70.7B $1.2B
Energy $37.185B $36.036B $2.983B
EPA $8.139B $8.59B $0B
GAO $556M $553.1M $10.7M
GSA $10.2B $10.376B $957M
HHS $75.2B $83.8B $3.8B
Homeland Security $41B $41.443B $1.3B
Housing and Urban Development $38.6B $40.65B $3B
Interior $12.016B $13.2B ($241M)
IRS $11.235B $12.935B $290M
Justice $28.7B $28.65B $2.5B
Labor $12.18B $13.2B $234.6M
NASA $19.3B $18.529B $1.3B
NIST $964M $1.1B $779M
National Science Foundation $7.5B $7.724B $119M
Nuclear Regulatory Commission $990M $1.3B ($30M)
OPM $272M $272M $32M
SSA $12.16B $12.5B $360M
State $52.68B $53.95B $3.4B
Transportation $18.7B $24.1B $847M
Treasury $11.939B $13.45B $420M
Veterans Affairs $71.4B $70.2B $6.4B

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