Civil Service Reimagined: 40 Years Later

Federal News Network’s special report, Civil Service Reimagined: 40 Years Later, learn how the federal workforce has evolved over the past 40 years, despite a civil service system that’s remained relatively static.

  • As the Trump administration considers civil service modernization, those who helped craft the original Civil Service Reform Act say the White House could do the same thing in 2018 that they did in 1978, with a few exceptions.

  • Federal News Radio explores how an evolving federal workforce has been bound by the constraints of a 40-year-old civil service system that largely hasn't changed at all since 1978.

  • Does the administration have what it takes to reinvigorate an outdated civil service system?

    In part three of its special report, "Civil Service Reimagined: 40 Years Later," Federal News Network looks at the Office of Personnel Management, and how it, past administrations and members of Congress have hindered the agency's ability to lead and create change in the federal workforce.