$142B in professional services contracts coming in 2017

Professional services contracts are going to be dominating the field in 2017. That’s the biggest takeaway from Bloomberg Government’s Top 20 Opportunities i...

Professional services contracts are going to dominate the field in 2017. That’s the biggest takeaway from Bloomberg Government’s Top 20 Opportunities in Federal Contracting.

Nine out of the top 20 contract opportunities in 2017 will be professional services, with a total potential value of $142 billion.

Chief among these contracts is GSA’s OASIS, valued at $60 billion. Although OASIS was awarded in 2014, BGOV expects at least one more on-ramp in 2017, as well as the potential for on-ramps to sub-pools requested by agencies. In addition, BGOV said GSA will likely face pressure to allow more small businesses into the program.

In fact, GSA will have some opportunities for small businesses with OASIS soon, according to OASIS Project Manager Todd Richards.

“[For] the OASIS pool 2 on-ramp, you should see a pre-solicitation notice safely within the next six weeks,” Richards said on Off Center with Mark Amtower. “Also, one of the guaranteed on-ramp periods will be in 2019. That’s when the small businesses we currently have will be required to re-certify. We fully anticipate we’re probably going to lose quite a few. There’ll be a massive on-ramp on the small business side then as well.”

Since GSA awarded OASIS in 2014, agencies have awarded 79 task orders worth more than $495 million under the unrestricted version of the contract, according to the agency’s dashboard. DoD by far has been the biggest user of the contract with the Air Force and the Army awarding a majority of the task orders.

The Navy’s Seaport-NG fell in the number two slot, valued at $50 billion. Seaport-NG is the next stage of the Navy’s earlier Seaport contracts, and BGOV expects it to be the primary means of acquiring support services through the next decade.  BGOV expects a request for proposal in the third quarter of 2017, and an award one year after that.

Third, DoD’s Information analysis centers contract is valued at $28 billion. BGOV expects to see 14 different contracts across three pools: large businesses, small businesses, and chemical and biological.

The report contains another indication that the cybersecurity industry may be peaking: only five of the opportunities are IT contracts, although Dan Snyder, BGOV’s federal market analyst, did mention that many of those contracts are transforming to source selection, and are tracked differently by Bloomberg.

Snyder also said that this year represents a downturn in the number of DoD contracts, at only 12 out of 20.

Finally, Snyder did say that the time frames are only estimates, and that the RFP dates are likely to slip.

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