What is FITARA’s impact on federal IT?

Today’s guests are Rose Wang, founder and CEO of The Binary Group , and David Chesebrough, president of the Association for Enterprise Information . They are in the studio to discuss the impact of FITARA on federal information technology professionals.

Headshot of Rose Wang
Rose Wang, founder and CEO, The Binary Group

On February 25, 2014, Congress passed the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act.  The overridingobjective was to reduce waste in the estimated $80 billion spent each year on information technology.  It has been argued that this is the biggest change since 1996.  There are many key provisions of the act that were discussed on the program.

One aspect was the reduction in the number of CIOs in the federal government.  It is estimated the 250+ CIOs currently employed have not authority to change the way IT is acquired.  FITARA wants the federal IT sector to employ successful strategies that have been used by the private sector.

If you would like more details, please attend the FITARA Implementation conference on October 22, 2015 sponsored by AFEI.

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