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Today’s interview is with David Egts, chief technologist, North America Public Sector at Red Hat. Red Hat has been around for twenty-five years and has hit over two billion on annual revenue.  Topics range from open source to partnering with Microsoft to the up and coming DevNationFederal.

In the federal government circles, Red Had made a big splash years ago by working with NASA to have incredibly fast systems.  Red Hat has expanded so much in the past decade that the conversation with Egts didn’t even get to NASA.

Head shot of David Egts
David Egts, chief technologist, North America Public Sector, Red Hat

Open source is part and parcel of leading federal initiatives.  Egts details the success Red Hat has had in that area.  He expands on the transition to the cloud and how open source and Red Hat has helped several agencies achieve the transition easily.

One aspect that was mentioned in the studio was the current popularity of deploying containers in cloud environments.  David expanded upon a concept called Kubernetes for container cluster management.

Many listeners may not be able to attend the big national Red Hat show called DevNation; no problem, they will bring it to you.  DevNationFederal is an event in the nation’s capital that can give federal information professionals ideas to deploy open source in a wide range of environments..


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