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Caring Village CEO and Co-Founder Mike Behrmann, and Jennifer Taylor, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, join host John Gilroy to discuss applied ...

(This show originally aired on September 26, 2016)

Today’s guests are Mike Behrmann, CEO and Co-Founder  and Jennifer Taylor EVP, Sales & Marketing, Caring Village.  After hundreds of interviews about technology, we are going to delve into a more personal topic:  applied technology.

The audience for Federal News Radio is comprised of many federal information technology professionals who have a higher than average previous participation in military service.  As a result, there is good chance that listeners may be involved with individuals who have been exposed to dangerous situations.  If that is the case, then they should be aware of the technology that can assist in providing medical assistance for veterans.

Head shots of Behrmann and Taylor
Mike Behrmann & Jennifer Taylor, Caring Village

During the interview, Taylor gives some startling numbers.  In the United States today, we have 117 million people who need care; 45 million people are involved in giving that care; only 5 million are paid caregivers.  This is a burden that falls on many of the listeners.

How can technology help our audience?  Listen to  Behrmann’s story and how he resolved to create a mobile-friendly app that would accomplish many of the tasks that frustrated him.  He will detail some of the technical challenges he had to overcome.  For example, exchanging information about a medical condition is guided by specific encryption rules.

Taylor presents the perspective of putting Behrmann’s innovation into a package that a listener can take advantage of.  You can go to the Caring Village website and download a free app to see how the package can offer assistance.



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