eDiscovery: Can it be improved?

Matt Milone, director of Federal Operations at Complete Discovery Source, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how his company can...

Today’s guest is Matt Milone, director of Federal Operations at Complete Discovery Source.

One can’t pick up a newspaper today to see people writing about legal problems that federal agencies seem to be having.  The usual implications are either political or involve cybersecurity.

Head shot of Matt Milone
Matt Milone, director, Federal Operations, Complete Discovery Source

Many federal information technology professionals should know that, at some time in the future, they may have to respond to a judge requesting electronic documents.   In fact, one can argue that a responsible system administrator should include the ability to recover documents on a short list that includes cost, security, and backup.

Today’s move to the cloud can add a layer of complexity that can make recovering documents in a timely manner almost impossible.

During the interview, Milone suggests ways to approach a response to potential litigation.  The system that is provided by Complete Discovery Source has been battle tested in the commercial world and has been certified by many federal standards.  He talks about commercial cloud environment standards like Soc2Type2 and ISO 2017-10 as well as federal standards like FEdRAMP.

A responsible system administrator must at least have a passing knowledge of options they have if they get involved in situations where they are expected to produce specific documents in a specified amount of time.

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