Do you have a plan B for your TSP?

Have you protected your TSP from the next stock market crash? Financial planner Arthur Stein will explain what you should be doing now to protect your financia...

(This show originally aired on June 21, 2017)

Do you remember what you did when the stock market crashed in 2008? The one we now call the Great Recession?

That big one lasted a long time and it did a number on a lot of investors.

So what about the next time? We don’t know when it will be, but most experts agree the market is long overdue for a “correction.” So what’s your plan? Do something? Nothing? What?

I asked financial planner Arthur Stein about the long-overdue correction. He’s going to be my guest on today’s Your Turn radio show (10 a.m. at, or 1500 AM in the Washington area).

Listen to today’s show. If you have questions, email them to Mike at: before the show, or call while we are on-air at (202) 465-3080.

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