Fumigating toxic workplaces

What happens if there is someone in your office, maybe a coworker, maybe a supervisor, who tells offensive or off-color jokes? What if your immediate boss is a hugger or toucher where you are concerned? Maybe he/she has asked you out— for dinner or the weekend — because the old-ball-and-chain is away?

It can be among the worst situations an individual faces, regardless of where they work or their position in the organization.

The problem, as many point out, is that this isn’t going to stop or go away.  So what do you do, if anything?

Stephen Paskoff is the president and CEO of ELI, an Atlanta-based firm that specializes in fumigating toxic workplaces. Paskoff was a long-time attorney and investigator before getting into the private sector, and he says federal agencies “can build what we call, and the EEOC has referenced in terms of our work, a ‘civil treatment workplace.'” Easier said than done, but doable, he says.

Paskoff is our guest today our Your Turn show. That’s 10 a.m., streaming right here from federalnewsradio.com or on 1500 AM in the D.C. area.

He will talk about “practical actions that don’t require much expense or time but reflect a serious sustainable commitment tied to mission and mission effectiveness.” Paskoff has said for things to work smoothly throughout the organization, any organization, people have to know what is right and wrong and what won’t be tolerated. And it starts at the top. And with you too, regardless of where you are on the ladder.

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