The 2018 shutdown: What’s next?

What led to the this week's government shutdown and what needs to happen in the next three weeks to avoid another one? Find out when Greg Stanford, director of...

Now that things are back to normal—for three weeks—pro-fed politicians are explaining why they voted to continue this week’s government shutdown even though they profess to hate them. Democrats and Republicans are each claiming victory which seems to be the point of most shutdowns.

Head shot of Greg Stanford
Greg Stanford

Meantime people in federal centers around the country are watching the calendar to see if we are going to go through this again. Maybe for a more extended period. Or if maybe, just maybe, career politicians have learned that shutting it down—while they continue to get paid—is not the way to run a government.

What next? So what happened this time? And what’s likely to happen when Congress revisits the shutdown threat in February? Today on  Your Turn, Greg Stanford, director of Government Affairs at the Federal Managers Association will talk about what led to the shutdown and the quick resolution and what’s likely to happen in three weeks.

You can listen live at 10 a.m. EST at or on 1500 AM in the D.C. area.

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