Over the past year, agencies have come to a simple realization: The foundation for cybersecurity is identity.

Yes, you can secure your networks and your applications with the latest tools and sensors. But to truly reduce risk and move toward preventive cybersecurity, agencies must no longer implicitly trust their employees but rather grant trust explicitly through strong identity authentication and verification.

In this exclusive executive briefing, the following IT security professionals address the federal approach to identity management and zero trust:

  • Patrick Sullivan, Senior Director, Global Security Strategy, Akamai
  • Rob SanMartin, Director, Federal Civilian Sales, Akamai
  • Paul Blahusch, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Labor
  • Steve Hernandez, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Education
  • Craig Wilson, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Identity Credential and Access Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Amir Dastouri, Identity Services Branch Manager, Department of Homeland Security
  • Jeff Flick, Director, Enterprise Network Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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