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Federal Executive Forum Cybersecurity Strategies for Defense and Homeland

01/ 31/ 2023
 1:00 PM

During this webinar, you will learn how top defense and homeland IT security officials from the Department of Defense Information Network, U.S. Army Cyber Command and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency are implementing new strategies and solutions around cybersecurity.



How to control complexity and cost in multicloud environments

As NNSA’s James Wolff notes, agencies now know that complexity is a way of life in the cloud. So how can agencies avoid chaos and spiraling costs? IT leaders from DISA, Energy, GSA, State and VA join Wolff to share their early winning strategies.

Executive Briefing

Infrastructure evolution across government

We talk to tech leaders at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency to find out how agencies are addressing network modernization, 5G and more. We also get an industry perspective from a trio of Verizon federal experts. 


Top Five Cloud-Native Risks

Research commissioned by Palo Alto Networks has identified the top five risks facing organizations as they adopt cloud-native approaches to application development and deployment.

Partner Content

Understanding the critical role of UX to zero trust

Cyber leaders at Customs and Border Protection, Education, FDIC and USCIS along with experts from Crowdstrike, Okta and Zscaler share their thinking on how to layer in security for zero trust while also minimizing friction on users.

Executive Briefing

How to compete in hiring next-gen feds

Agencies are reengineering their recruitment, hiring and retention strategies to find, nab and keep a broad spectrum of STEM-smart employees. Download this executive briefing to get a peek at efforts underway at DHA, HHS, Justice, NSF, Space Force, State and VA.

Executive Briefing

Get ready to take on software supply chain risk management

Software supply chair risk management isn’t just for DoD and the Intelligence Community anymore. Get a primer on implementing SCRM from CISA’s Bob Costello, OMB’s Chris DeRusha and State’s Zetra Batiste.


Next stop in your cloud journey — tracking TCO

As cloud services become enmeshed within the IT enterprise, tracking costs in near-real time and determining TCO become critical. In this Special Bulletin Review, we talk with officials at DLA, OPM, Accenture and Apptio about how to make this transformative leap.


2GIT Contract Guide

Looking for a GWAC with built-in supply chain risk management? GSA’s 2nd Generation IT contract is the ticket. In this guide, we go deep to learn about 2GIT, how it incorporates SCRM and what’s on offer from its 75-plus vendors and FAS.


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