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May, 2021

Tue 27 Apr
Tue 11 May
Expert Edition: Mobile Connectivity
In this exclusive e-book, you'll explore how all the pieces are starting to come together to help agencies connect more devices at faster speeds to help meet their missions in a more agile and secure way.
Wed 28 Apr
Wed 12 May
Executive Briefing Series: Simplifying Technology Platforms
In this exclusive executive briefing, IT practitioners provide insight into the low-code, no-code surge that is democratizing transformation
Executive Briefings
Wed 5 May
Wed 19 May
Executive Briefing Series: High Performance Edge Computing
In this exclusive executive briefing, IT practitioners outline the use cases for edge computing and approaches for taking advantage of it.
Executive Briefings
Tue 11 May
Tue 25 May
Strategic Guidance Survey: Managing IT as a Business
This strategic guidance survey details how CIOs at ITA, LoC and other agencies are maximizing their investments to make sure resources are aligned to mission goals. In the end, that’s what managing IT as a business is all about—ensuring the mission has what it needs to be successful.
Thu 13 May 2:00 PM
How to Create an AI-ready Infrastructure for Your Agency
 2:00 PM
In this free webinar, technology experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Navy, Dell Technologies and ThunderCat Technology will describe how to create an AI-ready infrastructure.
Thu 20 May 2:00 PM
Protecting Government Data in a Post-SolarWinds World
 2:00 PM
During this webinar Paul Morris, the chief information security officer of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will describe how the least-privilege model is limiting how much damage hackers can do in federal networks. Additionally, Brian Murphy, the senior director of consulting service & IR at CyberArk will provide an industry perspective.
Wed 26 May 2:00 PM
Employees Teleworking? Use That to Improve Customer Experience
 2:00 PM
Experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Air Force, Naval Information Warfare Systems Command and TTEC will describe how teleworking can improve customer experience.