A Deeper Look with Joe Paiva

Deeper Look with Joe Paiva helps people better understand what each Federal agency does and attract more people to apply for jobs within their government. Each episode features a different agency, and provides one of their leaders a chance to explain exactly what their organization does, the impacts they have on people’s lives, and why their agency is a great place to work.

Accelerating Government

ACT-IAC CEO Dave Wennergren talks to government and industry thought leaders on the topics and issues facing government, and gains insights into innovations, trends and lessons-learned.

All About Data

Conversations with the people who are making data work better for government. Federal News Network’s Jory Heckman speaks with federal chief data officers and other thought leaders who are finding new ways to harness data to drive better mission outcomes.

Amtower Off Center

Hosted by nationally-known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower,  Amtower Off-Center highlights the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts join Mark for a lively discussion of current issues facing the government contractor community.

Ask the CIO

Each week, Jason Miller interviews federal agency chief information officers about directives, challenges and successes.

Between the Lines with the Administrative Conference of the United States

Many Americans may not spend much time thinking about it, but administrative law plays an essential role in many of the functions government agencies perform every single day. In each episode of Between the Lines, we’ll explore issues ranging from access to justice and court deference to agency interpretations of law to unnecessary burdens placed upon users of administrative processes. Join host Andrew Fois, the chair of the Administrative Conference of the United States, for in-depth discussions with ACUS participants, academic experts, and government officials on contemporary issues in administrative law – and why they matter to agencies’ missions.

The Business of Defense

The U.S. defense industry is large, complex, and competitive. It is also lucrative for those companies able to navigate it successfully. The Society of Defense Financial Management (SDFM), formerly known as American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC), helps to bridge the gap between the boardroom and the battlefield, while supporting transformation in the defense sector. “The Business of Defense” Podcast brings you inside the companies working to achieve this, to hear directly from the business leaders, and to understand how they create value for their companies and their customers.

The Business of Government Hour

The Business of Government Hour, hosted by Michael J. Keegan, features a conversation with government executives and thought leaders who are changing the way government does business. The show explores topics such as leadership, management, technology, innovation, public service, as well as the mission of government in the 21st century.

CBS Eye on Veterans

Each week, Navy veteran and Journalist Phil Briggs looks at life from the military veteran's perspective. From topics like treating PTSD, TBIs with marijuana and psychedelics to pushing Congress to pass better laws. Plus, we hear dramatic stories from combat vets, discover job openings, and meet celebrity actors, athletes, and musicians.

Conversations on Health Care

Conversations on Health Care® is a radio show about the opportunities for reform and innovation in the health care system. In addition to health care headlines, the centerpiece of each show is a feature story and conversation with an innovator in the delivery of care from around the globe.

Crisis Management Minute

It’s not a matter of if a crisis or scandal will hit, it's when. How agencies and companies deal with it can have lasting impact on careers, reputations, bottom lines, and more. In each weekly “Crisis Management Minute,” Edward Segal discusses how government agencies, businesses, and organizations managed a crisis, and shares his advice on how to prevent, manage, and recover from various crises. The observations and recommendations are based on Segal’s 30+ years of experience as a crisis management expert, consultant, corporate trainer, and author of the award-winning and bestselling book, "Crisis Ahead: 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back from Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies." Segal is a Leadership Strategy Senior Contributor for and previously hosted the “Crisis Ahead” podcast.

Delivering the tech that delivers for government

Welcome to the Delivering the tech that delivers for government podcast, sponsored by Future Tech Enterprise. Federal News Network sits down with the technology leaders whose work keeps front-line government contractors ready to deliver on federal missions. We’re diving deep into IT lifecycle management, day one readiness, cybersecurity, PC as a service and more.

Eye on Washington with Jessica Klement

While the day-to-day work of federal employees is determined by their agencies, key decisions on federal pay, return to office policies, budgets, retirement and health benefits – and more – are made at government-wide levels by OPM, OMB, and/or politically-motivated legislators and administrations. With multiple actors and complex policies, it’s often difficult for even the savviest of federal employees and retirees to make heads from tails. Join longtime federal community advocate Jessica Klement and her guests as they cut through the noise and provide you with the information you need to understand how emerging policies will affect you – or not – and make informed decisions about your future.

Fed Access with Derrick T. Dortch

From how to win government jobs and contracts, to veterans issues to the latest national security challenges, host Derrick T. Dortch explores the world of the federal government and provides you the access needed to succeed.

Federal Drive with Tom Temin

Federal Drive host Tom Temin, a journalist with over 30 years experience covering technology markets, talks with federal decision makers about their thought processes around the people, policy and programs of the federal government.

Federal Executive Forum

Trezza Media Group provides high-quality thought leadership media and marketing services to help companies connect to government leaders, channel partners and other industry and technology partners. Our goal is to team with leaders in the government market to provide best-of-breed thought leadership media programs that deliver access to the government market, develop a high level of mindshare, and strengthen brands.

Federal Insights

If you're a federal employee or contractor, we're the news source for you...covering the latest technology, management, defense, contracting, policy, and pay & benefits issues.

Your Federal Life

Regular, actionable information on the management of the careers and financial lives of federal employees. Federal Drive Host Tom Temin and Workforce Reporter Drew Friedman speak with investment advisors, health plan experts and other experts on the federal workforce, their pay and their benefits.

Federal Newscast

Daily reporting on the most critical issues for Executive Branch leadership.

Foodie and the Beast

Nycci Nellis is everyone's "go to" food journalist for insights and in depth info about everything happening across the food/wine/spirits/brews/restaurant scenes in the Mid-Atlantic and across the U.S. Her husband, David, is a beer and burgers guy. Together, they host celebrity guest interviews with famous and up-and-coming chefs, winemakers, distillers, oystermen, farmers, marine biologists and more.


GovNavigators is a government-focused show that won’t make you seasick. We hope to enlighten and enliven your week with news and insightful, entertaining guests all on the topic of government management.

Government Modernization Unleashed

As digital and technological transformation takes hold, how can government leaders learn and share knowledge that can help them speed up innovation and better serve constituents? During this twice-monthly podcast brought to you by EY, we’ll share lessons learned, tactics and a look at what’s on the horizon. On Government Modernization Unleashed, you will hear directly from federal, state and local innovators and EY subject matter experts on the front lines of the most groundbreaking modernization initiatives.

Innovation in Government

Learn from industry experts who enable innovation and make government more responsive and secure by advancing key technologies. Innovation in government examines a wide range of topics and evaluates their payoff.

Inside the IC

Inside the IC explores how U.S. intelligence agencies are adapting to 21st century challenges. The show features interviews with intelligence community leaders and experts about their most pressing issues involving technology, workforce, and management.

Leaders & Legends

Interviews with leaders who have left their mark on government and a lasting imprint on the nation. Hear what goes on behind the scenes in the nation's capital and why working for the federal government is so unique.

The Low-Code Episode

Need help accelerating your IT modernization efforts? In The Low-Code Episode podcast series, Federal News Network and Appian highlight how leading defense, federal, and state and local government organizations have successfully accelerated digital modernization and extended existing IT investments through innovative technologies like low-code, complete automation, and dynamic case management.

Market Chat!

Market Chat! forges a more productive and responsive relationship between government and industry by delivering insights from current and former public sector executives on how vendors can have more constructive interactions and, ultimately, become better partners for success with their public sector customers.

The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues – a co-production of Federal News Network and the Interagency Veterans Advisory Council – explores the multifaceted interconnections between Veterans and the federal workforce. Topics range from hiring authorities to military spouse employment, career development, mentoring and wellness. Join us as our host Lloyd Calderon, who chairs the council, speaks with experts from across the federal community to discuss what veterans, military spouses and agencies need to know so that each can better leverage the skills, talents and resources that they all bring to the employment table.

Modern Government

Federal technology, business, and program leaders discuss how they are rethinking and redesigning operating models, systems, processes, and people to increase mission delivery, responsiveness, and agencies' capabilities.

Of Consuming Interest

Of Consuming Interest is a weekly show examining the most important consumer issues today.

Off the Shelf

Hosted by Roger Waldron of the Coalition for Government Procurement, Off the Shelf interviews federal contracting experts from both inside and outside of government on the issues that matter most.

On DoD with Jared Serbu

Each week, Deputy Editor Jared Serbu speaks with the managers of the federal government's largest department.

The Search for Accountability

The Search for Accountability is a monthly hour-long broadcast to increase public knowledge and visibility of how the federal Offices of the Inspector General (OIG) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) work to improve the performance, accountability, and integrity of government. The show is hosted by Michael Binder, Director, Government Audit Training Institute and Federal Financial Management Programs at Graduate School USA. As a federal auditing thought leader, Binder will interview federal inspectors general and others to discuss their work behind the scenes, in providing oversight for accountability, improvements, and enforcement. The program raises awareness of the good work federal inspectors general do, tells great stories, and highlights the importance of integrity of, and public trust in, governmental operations aligning with the IG Act intent of “promoting economy, efficiency and effectiveness, and preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse.”

Security Clearance Insecurity

Millions of jobs require a U.S. government security clearance. Getting or keeping one is an anxiety-inducing process shrouded in mystery, and sometimes, urban legend. From drug use and bankruptcy to cryptocurrencies and motorcycle gangs, we unpack all of your top (or most unexpected) security clearance questions. We also talk with some of the leading experts and government officials charged with overseeing the security clearance process and establishing security policies. Security Clearance Insecurity demystifies security clearances, delivers expert insight, and answers the questions you'd never ask at work. Hosted by's Lindy Kyzer and Sean Bigley, security clearance legal correspondent and regular ClearanceJobs contributor.

The Space Hour

A deep look at the commercial space industry from both the public and private sector. We discuss topics pertaining to the aerospace community with current and former members of the federal government, academics with in-depth knowledge, along with industry leaders, all of whom are paving the way to advance the U.S. space field.

Your Turn with Mike Causey

Federal News Network Senior Correspondent Mike Causey discusses everything from pay, benefits and retirement, to buyouts, COLAs and pay freezes.

What's Working in Washington

A weekly podcast examining the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and policy in the Washington D.C. region. They are stories explaining why local innovation often influences the federal government and are told by a wide variety of voices across demographics and industries.