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How agencies can find the best candidates, bring best talent into government

Discover how data, technology and new recruiting strategies are helping USDA, EPA, GSA, NASA and NIH succeed in the race for talent, especially when it comes to high tech, science and other hard-to-fill positions.

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How to ensure you drive value through DevSecOps

Find out why value stream management is gaining steam as the framework for measuring value in DevSecOps environments.

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Reimagining federal HR processes

A new and exclusive Federal News Network survey shows that government HR employees know well agencies must speed up and streamline recruiting, hiring and retention processes. Download our survey report now to learn more.


How to pivot recruitment and retention in a changing workforce landscape

Given the constantly shifting economic landscape, how can government organizations compete for the most qualified applicants? How can they keep their best employees longer? We talk to HR leaders from CISA, Delaware, PNNL, Tennessee and LinkedIn.

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How 5G, SDN help agencies push innovation to the edge

Mission requirements to get speed and high bandwidth to users far and wide is leading agencies to adopt 5G, low-earth satellite and other emerging agile network technologies. We share details from efforts at Coast Guard, CBP, CISA and Energy.

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Modernizing customer experiences with cloud identity

As agencies work to improve customer service — both for the public and for their own users — identity takes center stage. Learn more now in our ebook featuring the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CISA and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


How the CHIPS Act can help the U.S. maintain its edge on the world stage

Can the CHIPS Act’s potential be realized? We talk to technology leaders at DoD, Mitre, NSF and the Pacific Northwest National Lab about how the law can change the domestic chip landscape — once Congress approves appropriations.

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How to secure containerized applications

How can agencies take advantage of containers securely? We find out by talking with software development experts at FAA, NASA, Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute and Rancher Government Solutions for our exclusive ebook on securing containerized applications. | Download it now!


Strategic approaches to modernizing DoD warehouse operations

Learn how initiatives in the Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency and Navy are reinventing warehouse operations so that DoD teams can gain end-to-end visibility across their inventories, facilities and even people. Download our exclusive ebook.


Delivering on artificial intelligence’s potential

As agencies move beyond artificial intelligence and machine learning pilots, we find out what it takes to be successful. We talk with experts from the Army, CISA, DoD, GSA, NGA, NRO, NTIS, OSTP and from ABBYY, DataRobot, H2O, MarkLogic and Red Hat.


DoD hones 5G requirements, priorities as rollout builds momentum

Is DoD ready to go primetime with 5G? Not quite. But the Defense Department is prioritizing projects, tests and use cases that will lay the foundation for wide 5G adoption sooner rather than later. We talk with Air Force, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and DoD leaders to get the 411.

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How to control complexity and cost in multicloud environments

As NNSA’s James Wolff notes, agencies now know that complexity is a way of life in the cloud. So how can agencies avoid chaos and spiraling costs? IT leaders from DISA, Energy, GSA, State and VA join Wolff to share their early winning strategies.

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