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Expert Edition: Secure tools for a telework future

Agencies and federal workers have had to evolve at warp speed since the onset of COVID-19. In our new ebook, DHS, EPA, State and Avaya IT leaders share insights on federal efforts to provide secure, always-on remote access and what still lies ahead.


How Air Force Reduces Network Maintenance Worldwide

By standardizing its support IT services with Affigent and Dell, the Air Force was able to reduce networking hiccups and centralize support services for all its bases. Read more now.


Expert Edition: Get ready for multi-cloud

Across the government, in agencies large and small, IT leaders have launched efforts to use to multi-domain cloud environments to deliver against mission demands. We talk to experts inside and outside government to uncover takeaways in this exclusive ebook.


Expert Edition: Going Beyond Data Protection

Federal systems house troves of data that make them likely ransomware targets: personally identifiable information, financial records, and highly classified files. CISA, DISA and FHFA share tips on how to make agency systems less desirable targets.


Executive Survey: Data and Finance

Federal News Network surveyed five agencies about their approach to squeezing more out of their data to protect taxpayer money.


Executive Survey: Cloud Analytics

Federal News Network surveyed five agencies to detail the current and future impact of SaaS across their mission areas. Download the survey to learn more.


Expert Edition: The Evolution of Edge Computing

Government IT organizations have begun the heavy lifting necessary to modernize infrastructure and move toward an edge computing model. Pick up pointers from efforts at the Army, GSA, USPTO and Veterans Affairs in this exclusive ebook.


Executive Briefing Series: Data-Driven Performance Evaluation

We’ve all heard of real-time data. But how are agencies upping their game to apply data science to the performance of government programs — from stopping fraudulent payments to improving DEIA? GAO, GSA, Labor, VA and SAS share insights in a new Executive Briefing ebook.

Executive Briefings

Strategic Guidance Survey: Securing Against Cyber Threats

This survey of five agencies highlights the new perspectives agencies now have for securing their systems, data and people from the ever-changing nature of cyber threats.


Expert Edition: Anatomy of a 5G Smart Base

This exclusive e-book demonstrates not only the progress that the Pentagon is making in finding real value out of 5G, but begins to paint the future picture across DoD.


Expert Edition: Managing the New Hybrid Workforce

This exclusive e-book highlights how agencies aim to make government a great place to work in 2022.


Expert Edition: Accelerating innovation through public-private partnerships

This exclusive e-book highlights how public and private partnerships have the power to revolutionize the way government serves its citizens.


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