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Unleashing the power of data

In our new ebook, we learn from leaders across the government — at the Army, Homeland Security, NSF, Navy, State, Transportation and TSA — how they are progressing in using data faster to make smarter decisions.


Leading voices in federal contract management

Behind every successful federal contractor is a contract management team that deftly blends human and technology expertise to gather institutional knowledge, offer critical customer insights and drive revenue. Find out how they do it!


CISO Handbook: Why zero trust starts with identity security

In this exclusive ebook, we take a deep dive into efforts at the Army Software Factory, CISA and DISA to share strategies and insights — particularly at a time that agencies simultaneously want to deliver more data and services to users at the edge.


Embrace the transformative IT your mission depends on

Are you looking for an IT solutions provider that understands your agency’s requirements and timeline? Affigent and Dell Technologies provide accelerated solutions to address your IT modernization needs.

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How to derive incremental value from zero trust

CISOs from Justice, Labor and USCIS share helpful pointers from their zero trust efforts so far, and a CISA expert offers insights on implementing continuous diagnostic and mitigation capabilities, in a new Federal News Network Executive Survey.


Pushing the document and data management envelope

Agencies view cloud as a secure pathway to tackle legacy silos, tap AI and expand data sharing. Discover initiatives underway at the Fiscal Service, IRS, Interpol National Central Bureau, U.S. Courts and more.


Red River 2022 Data Storage Trends

2022 brings with it an extraordinary amount of data. It’s believed that the world is now producing and consuming close to 100 zetabytes of data every year. How are companies managing this data? How can companies glean actionable insights from the data they have — and secure and protect the data that they need? Find out in this ebook.

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Red River Benefits of IT Modernization

Updating IT infrastructure and server deployments can make the Federal government more efficient and cost-effective. Private businesses are increasingly adopting remote and hybrid workforces, which makes them more attractive places to work for many employees. Federal agencies may struggle to attract or retain top talent with clunky, outdated hardware and software.

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Red River Data Protection in 2022 and Beyond

As threats become more sophisticated, data stores larger, and technology standards evolve, agencies need to keep pace to strengthen their security posture and mitigate risk. A great place to start is by taking a look at the data protection challenges facing security professionals and the cybersecurity trends driving investments in the U.S. Federal sector.

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Red River The Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) for Federal Agencies

As data storage and management becomes more costly and complex, many organizations, including Federal agencies, are moving toward hyperconverged infrastructures vs. converged infrastructures. Hyperconverged infrastructures can provide answers to the “big data” problem, increasing data accessibility while also reducing costs. But, of course, a hyperconverged infrastructure still comes with some potential challenges and drawbacks.

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Shifting AI into high gear

The new Chief Digital and AI Office has plans to make AI development and buying more agile at DoD. Get details on these efforts and also learn about use cases in the Army, the U.S. Special Operations Command and Veterans Affairs.