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How agencies continue to build on data center optimization to modernize IT

Data center optimization efforts paved the way for cloud adoption and hybrid evolution across government. Pick up insights and lessons learned from cloud leaders at DHS, GSA, NOAA and SEC in our new Executive Briefing.

Executive Briefing

A strategy for better CX: ‘Make it work, make it simple, make it memorable’

Can agencies create CX that’s ‘simplistic, delightful and surprising’? Leaders from the Agriculture Department, Education Department, Homeland Security Department and IRS think so and share the work underway in their agencies to make it easy to navigate government services — for the federal workforce and for the public.

Executive Briefing

Securing the government’s software supply chain

The government is grappling with the mechanics of addressing whether their software supply chain is secure. Download our new ebook to get a snapshot from leaders at CISA, the IT Industry Council and DoD’s National Counterintelligence and Security Center into current efforts.


Taking the leap: Real-world agency transformation insights

Learn how the Coast Guard, NSF and USAID are not only improving their enterprise environments but doing so in ways that best support their workforces in delivering services while also keeping federal data secure. | Download our new ebook


Cloud Threat Report: Navigating the Expanding Attack Surface

The more organizations adopt cloud-native technologies, the higher the number of cloud-native applications becomes. The popularity and complexity of the technology then expands the attack surface with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for cybercriminals to exploit. Download this guide to gain more insights on how to navigate cloud security for the future.

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2023 Data Storage Trends

2023 brings with it an extraordinary amount of data. It’s believed that the world is now producing and consuming close to 100 zetabytes of data every year. How are companies managing this data? How can companies glean actionable insights from the data they have — and secure and protect the data that they need? Download this ebook to learn more!

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Salesforce AppExchange

In our new Federal News Network Insider’s Guide, we share details for federal users about what the Salesforce AppExchange is, how it works and why it provides value to agencies by extending their investment in Salesforce.


Agencies want data that can lead to actionable intelligence

Having data at your fingertips only matters if it’s the right data at the right moment. In an exclusive Federal News Network survey, we ask feds about their agencies’ efforts to turn data into actionable intelligence that can lead to better services.


How to achieve your agency’s CX goals

It’s hard to go a day without hearing someone in government bring up customer experience. It makes sense given agencies provide services 24/7. Our new ebook offers tactics from 11 federal leaders and five industry experts to help improve CX right now.


Tactics for implementing supply chain security, SBOMs

Agencies are honing in on how best to secure software and gain better visibility into their suppliers. We talk to leaders from DoD, FDA, GSA, NASA and State to reveal how agencies are meeting demands for visibility into their vendors’ cyber practices.

Executive Briefing

How agencies can find the best candidates, bring best talent into government

Discover how data, technology and new recruiting strategies are helping USDA, EPA, GSA, NASA and NIH succeed in the race for talent, especially when it comes to high tech, science and other hard-to-fill positions.

Executive Briefing

How to ensure you drive value through DevSecOps

Find out why value stream management is gaining steam as the framework for measuring value in DevSecOps environments.

Executive Briefing