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Getty Images/iStockphoto/baramee2554businessman holding personal items box ready moving leaving company. concept layoffs.

A long-time federal-employee advocate reacts to the latest civil service reform gambit

It may not be likely to become law, but a new bill to reform federal civil service shows how deeply some members of congress feel about the issue. Sen….

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Agency leadership is ‘pivotal’ for effective anti-harassment policies

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FILE - This March 27, 2008, file photo, shows the Pentagon in Washington. The U.S. Army, for the first time, is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly skilled recruits who sign up for six years. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

DoD overhauls overseas COLA policy, leading to pay decrease for some military members

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Amelia Brust, Federal News Networktelework, work from home, home office, federal employees

How do federal employees feel about upcoming telework changes? ‘Unsure’

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Network

Two Army infantry soldiers win innovation contest with a device to keep mold out of barracks

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This Oct. 7, 2014, file photo shows

How Bureau of Prisons can escape its own cage

Justice Department agency is failing at is own stated mission, but new leadership vows to correct things.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/Kiyoshi TannoWashington DC/USA Mar 25 2019/Signboard of United States Department of Veterans Affairs(VA).The VA stands in front of Lafayette Square Park in the north of the White House.

VA warns 81K health care employees’ jobs at risk under House GOP debt ceiling plan

Federal agencies are warning that a deal by House Republicans to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for significant budget cuts would eliminate the jobs…

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Biden Marijuana

Confusion over weed policies may be blunting new recruits for intelligence agencies

Many young people are confused about whether past marijuana use prevents them from getting a security clearance. And others say they wouldn’t stop using to obtain a clearance.

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