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Major DoD acquisition programs taking too long, GAO says

Processes for big weapons systems seem to be headed in the wrong direction.

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army digital engineering

Army sets stage for broader adoption of digital engineering

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GettyImages/DoD/Federal News Network

Army changing the color of money used to modernize software

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Amelia Brust/Federal News NetworkCybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

CMMC is coming, but concerns for small businesses persist under revamped rule

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defense budget

Limited application of novel acquisition pathways hinders defense innovation

Budget instabilities and limited application of new acquisition pathways stall defense innovation efforts, a new report finds.

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DISA, AI, AI/ML, Data management

DISA sets the table for better AI with data management

Steve Wallace, the director of emerging technology at DISA, said a new tool, called Concierge AI, will reduce the friction to the user to find and analyze…

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DoD Cloud Exchange 2024 Slack's Rob Seaman

DoD Cloud Exchange 2024: Slack’s Rob Seaman on powering productivity, collaboration

Public and private sector organizations can reduce friction and make employees lives easier by leaning into tools like Slack, says the company’s Rob Seaman.

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