The Space Hour

Helping connect NASA with small businesses

The growth in the space industry hasn’t been limited to the big companies everyone’s heard of. Small businesses have also seen a growth in their bottom lines.

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If space is more important to critical infrastructure, it’s in everyone’s interest to protect it

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New Center of Excellence looks to produce more space workers

The Space Force Association, along with management services vendor LMI, have teamed up to create the Space Center of Excellence.

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Getting the 264,000 foot view of the space industry

To say the space industry is on the up and up is no longer a bold statement, but it helps when you have the data and research to back it up. One of those…

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A growing rolodex for NGA’s industry facilitator

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency relies heavily on new space technologies to accomplish its mission. It can’t do it all on its own though; as usual that’s where the commercial side of things comes in.

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Space Hour

A deep look at the commercial space industry from both the public and private sector, hosted by Eric White.