The Space Hour

What’s the economic benefit of NASA programs?

NASA has released it’s second ever Economic Impact Report. To learn more about what it contained this time around I spoke with Margaret Vo Schaus, NASA’s…

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Another launch for DoD to test space communication and navigation capabilities

Virgin Orbit, a sister company of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Galactic recently launched multiple satellites into orbit for three of clients, the most well…

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NASA makes latest selections for Flight Opportunities Program

NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program is one that helps commercial space companies work with the agency to test out their new technologies, with the hopes…

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Analyzing NASA’s Astronaut Corps

Skull and Bones, Porcellian, Tri Delta. The exclusivity of these clubs have nothing on NASA’s Astronaut Corps. With the agency looking to send Earth’s best and brightest into space, you can imagine just what it takes to maintain that group.

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Space Hour

A deep look at the commercial space industry from both the public and private sector, hosted by Eric White.