The Space Hour

It’s getting awfully crowded up in the low-Earth orbit area

Recently, astronauts on the ISS had to take shelter after a Russian anti-satellite weapon test created a dangerous cloud of space debris. Naturally, the…

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If space is more important to critical infrastructure, it’s in everyone’s interest to protect it

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Using space technology to help fight wildfires

The amount of wildfires and major weather disasters is only increasing stretching first responders and those trying to help very thin. A new program involving…

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AFRL going through another round with its university nanosatellite program

The Air Force Research Laboratory is calling on universities to propose space missions with defense and educational purposes attached to it.

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FAA pens another agreement to streamline commercial space launches

The FAA now has another partnership aimed at making it easier on companies trying to conduct launches.

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Space Hour

A deep look at the commercial space industry from both the public and private sector, hosted by Eric White.