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Space Command looks to its commercial partners to speed up innovation

If SPACECOM wants to get ahead of traditional DoD timelines, it will need help from commercial partners.

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The Navy wants to teach robots to teach themselves in a learning-by-doing experiment

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Kathleen Hicks

DoD plans to hire 2,000 personnel for ‘first of its kind’ workforce tackling wellness issues

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Air Force Research Laboratory improves networks

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Musurlian, Peter

The Defense Innovation Unit explores batteries for electric tactical vehicles

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‘Timely versus accurate’ DoD struggles shed light on cyber incident reporting challenges

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Enabling Next Generation Military Technology Series
First Edition: ICAM

There are several key technologies – ICAM, Mission Partner Environments (MPEs) and 5G – that enable next generation military capability. In part 1…

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Did you even know the government has a National Ice Center?

The U.S. National Ice Center. It sounds like a hockey rink. But actually it’s an agency, operating under the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command.

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