VA bonuses, Veterans Homeless Grants

VA warns of historic $15B budget shortfall. House committee says more hiring ‘above all’ is driving up costs

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ financial experts tell lawmakers that the historic funding discrepancy is due to increased hiring and pharmaceutical…

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Election 2024 Trump

House Oversight panel subpoenas Secret Service director to testify on Trump assassination attempt

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Joni Ernst

GOP lawmakers demand SBA postpone IT upgrades amid year-end contract spending surge

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government shutdown, Congress, government funding

Progress on spending bills might have been an illusion all along

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APTOPIX Election 2024 Trump

The Secret Service is investigating how a gunman who shot and injured Trump was able to get so close

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CYBERCOM, U.S. Cyber command

Sulmeyer looks to extend SOCOM model for CYBERCOM as lawmakers resurface cyber force idea

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Congress Oversight Biden

GOP lawmakers look to see what SCOTUS decision on agency rulemaking means for current administration

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(Photo courtesy of the Government Accountability Office)advertising, duplicate government program, GAO, overlap of government p;rograms,GAO, intelligence oversight

How the government spends a billion dollars a year on advertising

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AP/John BazemoreShaye Haver, Kristen Griest

Senate version of NDAA to require automatic draft registration for all citizens

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NDAA, POGO, 2025 National Defense Authorization Act

NDAA amendment to give more authority to DoD components to buy cyber products

An amendment in the Senate version of 2025 NDAA would “return decision-making power back to DoD components” to purchase cyber products and services.

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Former US Sen. Jim Inhofe, defense hawk who called human-caused climate change a ‘hoax,’ dies at 89

Former Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma has died. He was 89. The family says in a statement that the Republican had a stroke during the July Fourth holiday.

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Congressional Staff, Congress

WEP & GPO repeal, Schedule F among issues facing Congress

A recent hearing once again considered what to do about Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Offset Pension.

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