Commerce is in better shape to understand cost, benefits of moving to the cloud

Andre Mendes, the Commerce Department’s chief information officer, said through the use of Technology Business Management framework, the agency has well…

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Huge end-of-the-year deadlines looming in Congress

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Why there’s not a huge cause for optimism for the rest of the federal budget year

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FILE - The U.S. Capitol in Washington is pictured on Friday, August 5, 2022. Democrats pushed their election-year economic package to Senate passage Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022, a compromise less ambitious than Biden’s original domestic vision but one that still meets party goals of slowing global warming, moderating pharmaceutical costs and taxing immense corporations. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib, File)

Future budget resolution made tougher by present ‘laddered CR’

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What federal largess looks like from the perspective of a state-level budget official

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The government could still close, but your health insurance will march on

Both open and closed seasons are coming up. November 17 will mark the end of the continuing resolution, so the government could close when the money runs…

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Less than a week in, contractors sort out the meaning of the 45-day continuing resolution

The continuing resolution, which lasts until November 17, takes a six-and-a-half week bite out of fiscal 2024’s calendar. In a sense, it resets the countdown…

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FILE - People walk outside the U.S Capitol building in Washington, June 9, 2022. The biggest investment ever in the U.S. to fight climate change. A hard-fought cap on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors in the Medicare program. A new corporate minimum tax to ensure big businesses pay their share. And billions leftover to pay down federal deficits. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

If you’re not surprised there’s not a shutdown, you’re prescient or a prevaricator

To the surprise of just about everybody, the Federal Government is fully functional this Monday, October 2, 2023. Some surprise last-minute votes in both the House and Senate on Saturday happened just in time to get a continuing resolution (CR)to the president’s desk – just hours before much of the government was set to run out of appropriations.

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