Whistleblower Protection – Where We Stand 243 Years After the First Whistleblower Law

On FEDtalk this week, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley provides a keynote address on the importance of whistleblower protection. In our special lead up show…

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Prioritizing Federal Personnel: Policy Priorities for the Executive and Legislature

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New Year, New President, New Administration

On FEDtalk this week, join host Jason Briefel for a discussion on the first week of the Biden Administration and what federal employee associations have…

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Federally Funding World-Class Scientific Research

The federal government has a long history of funding top-tier scientific research. This week, join host James Heelan for a discussion with Nobel Laureate…

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Looking Forward to 2021 with Federal Employee Associations

Federal employees, like the rest of the country, have had a challenging year.  FEDtalk is here to look at the year in review through the lens of some federal employee associations. This week, join host…

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