Making our national security workforce reflect our nation

On FEDtalk this week, join host Jason Briefel for a roundtable discussion on diversity and inclusion in the U.S. national security workforce. The guests…

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Evolving customer experience in healthcare and insurance

On FedTalk this week, join hosts Jason Briefel and James Heelan as they discusses the evolving trends in customer experience within the healthcare industry…

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Making Congress Modern

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Jason Briefel as he discusses the importance of modernizing Congress and progress made by the Select Committee…

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Four Days in 50 Minutes: A Remote Recap of WIFLE’s 2020 Conference

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Debra Roth as she walks through the Women in Federal Law Enforcement’s Annual Leadership Training. While the 2020 Conference was postponed, Roth will discuss how WIFLE has pivoted…

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