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Checklist for Singles in Federal Service

July 26, 2021 on ForYourBenefit, host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Michele Bollier, Federal Benefits Specialist.  Michele is developing a checklist specifically…

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Roth vs. Traditional IRA and TSP

On ForYourBenefit, host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host John Elliott welcome John Jilek, CFP®.

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Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) FAQs

Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist. Today’s program is dedicated to answering questions for Law Enforcement…

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Retirement Cash Flow Planning

Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Brian Kurrus, CFP®.

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Host Bob Leins

Host Bob Leins and presenters from NITP, Inc., the national leader in Federal benefits and retirement planning seminars, present information and strategies to assist the Federal worker at all career stages. Each week, ForYourBenefit features topics of interest to the Federal community including Federal benefits, Social Security, financial planning, TSP, estate planning and more. Email your questions to Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Podcast One.

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