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Survivor benefits: Their importance and how to ensure they are in place for your loved ones

Host Bob Leins, CPA®, welcomes Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist. 

January 29, 2024 on ForYourBenefit, our host Bob Leins, CPA®, welcomes Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist.  Have you ever considered how much additional income your loved ones might need if you were suddenly gone?  Have you planned their survivor benefits?  Today’s program will focus on answering these questions:

  • What types of Federal survivor benefits would go to your loved ones if you pass away?
  • How can you be sure the benefits you have planned/elected for your survivors will be enough?
  • If you have not elected benefits or designated specific beneficiaries, will your survivors be eligible for them anyway?
    • What survivor benefits must be elected?
    • Can you make these elections later or must they be in place before you pass away?
  • Who ensures your survivors receive benefits?
    • What is your Federal agency’s responsibility?
    • OPM’s responsibility?
  • Should survivor benefits be part of your financial plan?
  • Are these benefits taxable?  Which are and which are not?


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