Visualize Re-wire-ment as Your Next Adventure

On ForYourBenefit, host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Bob Stacy.  Retirement is about new beginnings, reinvention, and the next chapter of life.

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Strategic Guidance Survey: Managing IT as a Business

This strategic guidance survey details how CIOs at ITA, LoC and other agencies are maximizing their investments to make sure resources are aligned to mission…

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TIC 3.0, format preserving encryption of data gives agencies hope against cyber attacks

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released three emergency cyber directives in the last five months. Agency CIOs and CISOs have had…

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Mission Advancers accelerate IT modernization projects through low-code

IT modernization used to be an overwhelming concept, often evoking fears of spending billions of dollars with no guarantees of success. While it used to pose the threat of taking years to implement, that is no longer the reality. Low-code has changed the game, allowing agencies to accelerate modernization timelines to the point where they can see an impact in a matter of months, not years.

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