Innovation in Government

Managing multi cloud through the ‘by design’ approach

Kelsey Monaghan, the lead for federal strategic programs and partnerships for cloud and edge at Dell Technologies, said agencies need the ability to govern…

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More brazen hackers force agencies to lean into automated detection and response tools

Can artificial intelligence help agencies stay ahead of cyberthreats, especially as attackers get cleverer and potential attack vectors increase? BlackBerry…

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Why agencies need to put people at the center of their IT, process transformations

Stephen Ellis, the government solutions lead at Zoom, said agencies need to continue to innovate in how employees serve the citizens.

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Agencies can connect the data to drive productivity improvements

Chris Aherne, the vice president of federal at Smartsheet, said agencies can move toward a data-driven environment by focusing on a combination of people, process and technology. On the people side, Aherne said it’s a matter of training so employees understand how to use the tools at their disposal.

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