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Expert Edition: Managing the New Hybrid Workforce

This exclusive e-book highlights how agencies aim to make government a great place to work in 2022.


Expert Edition: Accelerating innovation through public-private partnerships

This exclusive e-book highlights how public and private partnerships have the power to revolutionize the way government serves its citizens.


Executive Briefing Series: Hiring Success

In this executive briefing, human capital experts will discuss what tools and resources agencies are seeking to meet 'hire right, hire fast' goals.

Executive Briefings

Expert Edition: DevSecOps

This exclusive e-book demonstrates just how far agencies have come and where they still need to go to take fully advantage of DevSecOps to drive modern capabilities to their customers.


Expert Edition: Supply Chain

This exclusive e-book highlights how the military services and defense agencies are rethinking their approach to managing their supply chains and how data is driving those decisions.


Executive Briefing Series: The future of networks in space

A new space race of vital importance to the United States has emerged. The race to get to space has become a superhighway used by several nations and a burgeoning commercial space industry. The new…

Executive Briefings

Expert Edition: Identity and Access Management

This exclusive e-book highlights how identity and access management will continue to evolve as agencies face more aggressive cyber threats while keeping data and systems accessible.


Executive Briefing Series: Software deployment strategies

In this exclusive executive briefing, technology executives discuss how their agencies are deploying software that works, and that users really like.

Executive Briefings

Executive Briefing Series: Health Care Innovation

Health care organizations have long sought a whole-person approach to medical delivery. That is, care that takes into account the interconnectedness of peoples’ various mental and physical systems, using data and measurable outcomes to drive…

Executive Briefings

Executive Briefing Series: Zero trust architecture

Federal agencies, seeking both compliance with a White House executive order and better cybersecurity in reality, are rapidly adopting the zero trust model for controlling access to their networks. They’re learning that zero trust, like…

Executive Briefings

Strategic Guidance Survey: Enterprise Risk Management

Federal News Network surveyed six agencies about their approach to risk management, including the use of cloud services, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and other technologies.


Expert Edition: Open Season 2022

This exclusive e-book will help you navigate federal health care benefit plans for 2022 open season and how to choose what's right for you.