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Expert Edition: Open Season 2022

This exclusive e-book will help you navigate federal health care benefit plans for 2022 open season and how to choose what’s right for you.

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FILE - In this June 1, 2017, file photo, a sign stands on the campus of the Aetna headquarters, in Hartford, Conn. Insurers are dropping billions of dollars on acquisitions and expansions as they get more involved in their customers’ health. Late last year, CVS Health announced a roughly $69 billion deal to buy another insurer, Aetna. Those companies plan to convert drugstores into health care hotspots that people can turn to for a variety of needs in between doctor visits. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes, File)

60% of feds in wrong health plan — does that include you?

With 10 working days to go until the health insurance open season ends, the $2,000-to-$3,000 question to ask is are you in the right Federal Employees…

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Funny piggybank standing on clipboard with document, bunch of hundred dollar banknotes and stethoscope closeup. Medical service economy, health care savings and insurance concept. Focus on piggy bank

Let your health plan fund an IRA, pay your premiums

Don’t be wedded to your current, traditional plan just because you’ve been with it for years.

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Gail Trauco

Health plan choices driving you nuts? Shop at the office

Suppose you had three weeks to make a decision that could have a make-or-break impact on both your health and your finances.

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