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Harness big data and volume transactions with intelligent automation

When the federal government engages a process, it often involves large volumes. Disability applications, document reviews for health cost reimbursements, contract cost reviews and closeouts all have in common the need to apply process en masse yet with accuracy and repeatability.

In modernizing the IT systems that support these and a myriad of other processes, agencies are trying to introduce a new a new level of automation that incorporates data analysis, improved business processes, and greater cybersecurity and privacy controls.

One way to do this is through a concept known as intelligent automation, or IA. IA can range from the simple automation of transactional rules to the application of artificial intelligence, cognitive learning and big data analysis to yield more time for knowledge employees to do higher level tasks. Indeed, the President’s Management Agenda specifically calls for enabling systems to free employees from low-value tasks like paperwork.


The Move to Intelligent Automation in Agencies

At DLA, we’re looking at a wide range of opportunities. We have several projects we’re working in robotics process automation, which is taking those routine, mundane tasks and having a computerized bot do those…The other area we’re looking into is artificial intelligence, targeting data mining and predictive analytics.


Stakeholders for Intelligent Automation

When you look at these problems, it’s not only the technology side of the workforce coming together to solve the problem. We have to bring in the people who have the programmatic experience … It’s almost like the idea of user-centered design and design thinking where you go through a journey with the program office to understand what is your day-to-day problem.


Acquisition and Security of Systems

From an acquisition perspective, think about your outcomes. Focus on an objective you as an agency are trying to accomplish. Allow the vendor community to say, ‘Based on what you’re asking for, I think these solutions would be the right fit for you.

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