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The End User Revolt – and How to Improve It

Industry working with agencies to help optimize hybrid networks


Most federal information technology professionals have seen hybrid networks develop over time. The data center down the hall has been augmented by the cloud, virtualized systems and even mobile devices.


Managing a local data infrastructure can get one accustomed to a set of tools and diagnostic utilities that work fine for that well-defined basic system. 


The traditional method of focusing on one domain doesn’t allow accurate diagnosis of user problems in today’s complex, hybrid systems. Federal networks must respond to rapid changes in a flexible manner while providing optimized service to users.


For the past decade, system administrators have based decisions on machine-centric knowledge, such as if a server is running. Many other factors must be considered once the server is moved to the cloud.


Differences in enterprise-sized hybrid clouds vary. For example, a commercial company can go right to a cloud environment; a federal agency will have to pass through some security intermediaries. This concern can be a problem of physical distance and not a networking issue.


Also, some federal agencies are looking at hundreds of thousands of users, not just a handful. What happens when a federal system attempts to scale?


Inevitably, federal managers will be presented with complaints about a system in one form or another. Is it a problem? If so, how much of a problem? Where is it? How can one establish baselines for performance to respond to issues, whether real or just perceived?


ThunderCat Technology Chief Technology Officer Kurt Steege and Riverbed Technology Federal Chief Technology Officer Marlin McFate recently joined Federal News Network to discuss these questions and more.




Defining The Problem

“We have developed a system to evaluate the system from an end user’s perspective.“


User Experience

“Baselines depend on the network you are on – one issue is how to quantify what is normal.”


Cloud Consequences

“What is important is understanding who your customer is and designing your system for a specific persona. Is it an analyst? Is it a command person?”

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Panel of experts

  • Kurt Steege

    Chief Technology Officer, ThunderCat Technology

  • Marlin McFate

    Federal Chief Technology Officer, Riverbed Technology

  • John Gilroy

    Host, Federal Tech Talk, Federal News Network