• Is a Roth IRA right for you?

    Are you considering a Roth IRA? How do you know if it’s the right option for you? Bob Leins of the National Institute of Transition Planning joins Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn. John Montague of WAEPA will also join the show to explain why some life insurance plans may be better than FEGLI for some federal workers. October 20, 2010

  • How to figure your FEGLI

    For many federal employees, FEGLI premiums are more expensive compared to what these employees may be able to purchase in an individual life insurance policy from a private insurance company. Ed Zurndorfer explains.

  • OPM seeks changes to feds’ benefits, insurance opportunities

    The Office of Personnel Management recently filed two proposals to change how feds enroll in the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program and to expand the regulations of the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance.

  • A look at your federal retirement annuity estimate!

    Federal benefits specialist Bob Braunstein takes you through the process of understanding your retirement annuity estimate. September 22, 2014

  • Separating from federal service in mid-career

    James Marshall, federal benefits specialist, discusses leaving your government career when you are not eligible to retire. January 12, 2015

  • Life insurance premiums: Reality check

    Did you ever wonder why some government workers get teary-eyed when they talk about their jobs? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey thinks he’s got the answer and it’s not pretty.

  • Tammy Flanagan: How much life insurance do you really need?

    A rare enrollment period will open next month for the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance program. You’ll need to think about how much insurance you really need, and whether you want to keep it until retirement. Tammy Flanagan, senior benefits director for the National Institute of Transition Planning, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to sort it all out.

  • Federal life insurance Open Season signals time to reevaluate health benefits

    Open Season for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program is fast approaching, but starting Sept. 1, for the first time in 10 years federal employees can enroll or increase their life insurance without a health exam, through the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program.

  • Welcome to your mid-life crisis … again

    If you work for the federal government, are retired from government or are married to a fed, then Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’s time to hit your reset button.

  • OPM starts first open season for federal group life insurance in 12 years

    For the first time in 12 years, the Office of Personnel Management will hold an open season for eligible employees to sign up or choose from several types of coverage options under the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program. The open season will run from Sept. 1 through Sept. 30.